Saturday, August 2, 2014

crimes against people of Gaza

Gaza is one of the Most populated cities in Palestine it has more than 1,700,000 people ,
after 9 years of Israeli blockade 1.7 million Palestinians continue to be trapped in the Gaza Strip, far away from the outside world , with no electricity or even water,, !!
In Gaza, vital civilian infrastructure such as water systems, sanitation and health services have been badly damaged.
The people of Gaza are already extremely vulnerable due to the Israeli blockade, which has devastated the economy, left most people stranded in Gaza, and restricted their access to essential services such as healthcare and education. Hospitals and basic services are struggling to cope. Food prices are rising and livelihoods are being destroyed.
and now Israeli the navy is bombing all over Gaza and within less than a month more than 1700 people are dead most of them are kids and civilians , and more than 7000 injured .
thousands of palestinian families in #Gaza are now homeless. Unemployment rate in #Gaza is 28% – and stands at 58% among young people aged between 20 and 24. 45% of people live below the poverty line in Gaza
even today the people of Gaza have little access to drinkable, clean water .. !
pictures from Gaza !
"Motasem Sha'at was found barely alive lying on his mother's chest. His mother was dead. *Heartrending-tears"

other heartbreaking pictures from Gaza strip !

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